Amazing Gorilla Adventure – 8 Days & 7 Nights

This 8 days and 7 nights safari takes you to enjoy an Amazing Gorilla Adventure and is available in moderate luxury style

Day 1: Travel through beautiful Rwanda

Upon your arrival at the Kigali airport you would be met by your representative who would drive you into the city where you can have your wonderful lunch. After lunch you would make your drive to Volcanoes Virunga Lodge in the Parc National des Volcans. The drive towards north passes through natural hillside with beautiful landscapes of Rwanda and you can enjoy the breezing climate. You drive slowly climbs to the base of Virunga Volcanoes and you can see as many as five peaks.

Day 2:Go gorilla tracking in the forest

You start your day to the famous Rwandan mountain gorillas where you have the chance to visit the gorillas and have a magical experience and this is subjected to the availability of gorilla permits. Gorilla tracking in these forested slopes of the Virungas is really a wonderful experience and you are sure to enjoy the same. As per the luck if you can track the gorillas you can spend about an hour with gorillas and can have a remarkable everlasting experience and return to the base for your wonderful lunch. However sometimes gorilla tracking especially during wet and muddy times takes more than a day as some gorilla families are more elusive.

Day 3: Trek to Dianne Fossey’s grave

You third day is filled with numerous variety of activities like you go for gorilla tracking in the Parc National des Volcans by making additional permit payment, make a visit to see the golden monkeys or you can make a visit to the famous zoologist Dian Fossey’s grave which is located in the beautiful meadow between the Karisimbi and Visoke Volcanoes. You also have other varied options like making a drive to Gisenyi or visiting Lake Kivu and Ross Carr’s orphanage or you can head for a climb to Visoke/Muhavura volcanoes. If all these do not sound good for you, you can make your visit to explore the local school and community projects or simply make wonderful relaxing walk to Lake Bulera and enjoy the calm atmosphere.

Day 4:See the unique Virunga Volcanoes

You can start the day relaxing and pay a visit to the local school or orphanage. You can then return for lunch to Volcanoes Virunga Lodge. After finishing your wonderful lunch you can start your drive to Uganda and make your stay in Volcanoes Mount Gahinga Lodge which is placed at the base of the Virunga Volcanoes. You have the rest of the day left for enjoying and relaxing seeing the sunset and finish your day with a special dinner.

Day 5:Search for the Mgahinga gorillas

You start your day to part of the Bwindi National Park on the northern side of the Virunga Mountains for gorilla tracking and here you have to pay for additional permit. You are left at your choice to climb the Muhavura or Gahinga volcano which gives you a spectacular view of the whole area. You can go for a natural walk to track golden monkeys or you can see Batwa Pygmies which helps you to explore their culture and their traditional hunting techniques.

Day 6:   Wander through the Bwindi Forest

You make your drive today to Bwindi Forest National Park. The drive will be through Switzerland of Africa with winding roads and you can enjoy the hills and natural valleys with views of volcanoes and lakes along with breezing climate in your drive. If you still have enough time for the day you can take a guided nature walk in the beautiful thick forest which is filled with various variety of animals, butterflies, monkeys and birds. You can also look for monkeys and birds neat the river which is present below Volcanoes Bwindi Lodge.

Day 7: Embark on a memorable gorilla trek

You start your day early for making another gorilla tracking excursion for which you have to make a payment in addition for permit. However this gorilla tracking excursion across Bwindi Forest requires stamina and patience as it takes almost the whole day. The forest is thick and humid and you have to make your way through this forest which is truly rewarding for your patience as you see the beautiful shy gorillas which lives in this thick vegetation. This is sure to be an everlasting remembrance in your travel experience. If you wish to go to other options on this day you can take a walk relaxingly through the different trails in forest or you can explore the local village or community project by visiting them or you can see Batwa Pygmies and learn about their culture.

Day 8: Explore the markets of Kigali

This is the final day of your tour and in the morning you will be driving to Kigali in Rwanda.Depending upon your travel arrangements your travel arrangements you can make time to explore and tour the city.



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